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Best Barbecue Recipe Tips: A Guide To Successful Grilling At Home - বিডি নিউজ
January 26, 2023, 8:04 pm
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Best Barbecue Recipe Tips: A Guide To Successful Grilling at Home

  • Update Time : Tuesday, November 9, 2021
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Best Barbecue
Best Barbecue

Section 1: Tips for Grilling Success

Barbecue Recipe

Top 10 Tips to Make Grilling Great

Thoroughly clean your grill before using it. This is especially important when it comes to smoking.

Clean grates after every use, including spills, burns and any other type of splatter that can result in stuck-on juices.

Remove grill racks and tools as soon as you’re done using them. Dry them off immediately, too.

Store your grill on its lowest setting and use all flames—especially the burners—slow and low.

No antifreeze, nitrite or other chemicals that may be used in the grill that will leave metal or other surfaces sticky or greasy.

Take the time to set the perfect amount of coals. Using this is key.

Use plenty of seasoned charcoal so that your grill doesn’t get stuck and you don’t run out of coals.

. Cook with indirect heat

If you want your barbecue recipe to be awesome, use indirect heat, like you would with the oven. The best foods cook this way. And just think how much easier it will be to cut, slice, dice, chop and puree when you cut the heat on those foods!

Best Barbecue Recipes: A Guide To Successful Grilling at Home

Drink hot tea

It’s just like drinking a glass of iced tea, only better because it won’t go cold the second you take a sip.

Best Barbecue Recipes: A Guide To Successful Grilling at Home

Use it to cook

The same metal and plastic sheets that you can use for making potato and corn sacks can also be used as cooking pots.

. Use a grill brush

Washing your grill grates with water is always a good idea, but a grill brush is the next step. A round brush gets more even heat, and a flat brush gets a bit finer grates for not only cooking, but for seasoning. Barbecue Recipe You’ll have to buy a small one if you don’t have one already, but it’s worth it.

Don’t over-season with sauce

You need to marinate your meat before grilling in order to get the flavors right. Don’t go overboard with sauce or it will rub off onto the meat. Barbecue Recipe As for seasonings, keep it mild. The tiniest bit of chili powder can blow up your BBQ.

Don’t buy a charcoal grill for grilling

Charcoal grills are perfect for barbecuing fish, but it’s not the best cooking surface for a barbecue. They have a serious pro-consumer bias, and the larger the grill the less cost-effective.

. Know how to use a thermometer

Don’t just grab your Weber or other gas grill thermometer and jab it in and hope you’re getting the right temp. First make sure that it’s in the appropriate time (the kit I recommend for most backyard grills has both a probe and a digital thermometer). Barbecue Recipe Next, know how to use the thermometer so you don’t give yourself a meat burn and a ruined meal.

Top Barbecue Recipes: Grill for Best Results

. Grab a quick bite at a fast food joint

Sometimes you want to know just how hot the fire really is. There are a few fast food joints that don’t mess around when it comes to barbecuing, so be sure to try these in your area. These BBQ tips will help you make your grilled meal delicious!

. Keep your grill clean

Lots of animals love eating wood, so make sure your grill is regularly cleaned.

. Don’t overcrowd your grill

Makes things look just like a frying pan, which is great if you’re thinking of baking them.

. Stick to a 2-hour grilling time

Smoke is thick, so you want to give it time to dissipate. Barbecue Recipe It’s also hot, so what you’ll do is throw on the steak, and hope to heck the grill’s coals are cool enough to give it good, even heat. If not, pull it off and throw on something else. The bigger the steak, the longer you’ll be grilling.

. Don’t use lighter fluid

Not all that much, anyways. What you should use is good-quality, class A gas. Inexpensive lighter fluid (such as turpentine) is essentially a gasoline, which will make your grill scorch.

. Don’t use charcoal briquettes

These are highly flammable, and if a spark should happen to hit them, they’ll start a fire on the grill.

. Watch for flare-ups

The fun stuff in grilling (you know, the flames) is controlled by heat. If you’re using a gas grill, you’ll want to leave the burners on high when you first put the food on the grill to maintain the right temperature, and then switch to low. Barbecue Recipe If you’re using charcoal, just get comfortable. Gas-engine grills like the Weber Grill heat very quickly and can use up the whole thing before the fire dies.

A well-built Weber can go from high heat to low heat in a matter of seconds. Let the fire die before switching to low heat to keep the flare-ups to a minimum. You can find our favorite Weber Grills here.

Light the grill and make sure it’s at least 250 degrees

Use a timer to keep track of the temperature on your grill. If it’s getting too hot, put it down or move it to cooler ground.

. Use a meat thermometer

To check the doneness of your meat, you can use a meat thermometer to test for internal temperature. And there’s a big difference between medium-rare and well-done. Barbecue Recipe Most thermometers have markings that read 1 minute and 30 seconds, and then some have a 30-second mark, which is what we usually follow, because they’re a bit more forgiving and do a better job of keeping your meat more moist.

But what if you have a big grill? For example, you’re grilling up a rack of ribs and you’re worried they’re not getting done quickly enough. You can also use a thermometer probe to check the internal temperature.

. Prepare ahead of time

If you’re starting early (say, by the end of the afternoon) and want to put the meat on right after you arrive, it’s best to do this. But if you’re planning to go the morning of, it’s best to bring your meat along and get it ready in the morning so it’s ready when you get home. Barbecue Recipe

It’s also a good idea to make a rub for the meat, keeping in mind that different rubs can change the flavor of the meat, and you can adjust it to your tastes.

. Pick a favorite recipe

Choose one, or several, of our favorite recipes for grilled meats so you can put it on the table the same day.

. Invest in a quality meat thermometer

Just as you should be following the grill’s exterior, you should also be checking on the meat to make sure it’s done.

. Let it rest

Your meat, whether it’s steak, chicken or pork, will become chewy and tough without resting it in a fridge or cooler. After grilling, the rest of the meat, like pros do, should be stored at room temperature.

. Drying it right

To effectively dry meat, spread the meat out on a roasting tray and cover in aluminum foil. The heat from the oven will dehydrate the meat and it will actually become more tender.

. Finishing a couple slices

When you’re ready to serve your meat, let it cool before slicing. The warmer meat will cook faster, but the longer slices will result in a more delicious chew.

. And save some for later

It’s important to refrigerate your meat after you’ve grilled it. When it’s in the fridge, it’ll continue to cook and will become more tender.

. Turn often if grilling more than one side

At barbecue joints, the smoker is always the primary grilling machine. It’s the wheel that provides the air flow and the heat. Barbecue Recipe As for cooking and grilling, that job is up to the grillmaster. However, you can definitely use your smoker to get the grilling process started. (No need to do much more than add wood—a rack of hickory or oak branches, or, if you’re lucky, a hickory or mesquite plug—to the smoker. Wood also heats up faster than charcoal.) Smoke stays hot for the same time as charcoal, so use it for indirect grilling.

. Keep a close eye on temperatures

It’s tempting to heat up the grill, get the coals lit, and settle down to the task at hand. A fire, when done right, burns slowly, allowing the heat to get more consistent and controlled.

0. Keep the lid closed when grilling

Always cover your grill with the lid when grilling. When you cook burgers or pork chops over indirect heat for 4 to 6 hours, you have to shut off the grill after 3 hours to keep the food from burning.

Don’t overcrowd the grill.

2. Keep your meat away from the flames.

Place your meat in a cutting board or rimmed baking sheet away from direct heat for 15 to 20 minutes before cooking to make sure it’s properly cooked.

3. Let it rest.

After cutting meat, let it sit for 5 minutes before carving. Barbecue Recipe This will allow juices to gather around the meat and prevent overcooking and dry-roasting.

4. Cut thin to preserve moisture.

Ribs and shanks of ribs should be cut thin enough to be easily sliced. Less meat will yield more flavorful strips.

5. Grill above medium heat.

1) Optimize your grill surface area

Smaller spaces are where you’ll get a bigger, tastier flavor. – Monica Dimas

2) Make the char: Do a burn test to make sure the heat is hot enough. – Spar

3) Stay away from high-heat foods such as steaks and pork chops. – Mezore

4) Keep water handy and be sure to quickly get it cold when the grill is off. – Newkirk Zwykowski

5) Be very careful not to overcook the food. – Christopher Schwarz

6) Toss the grill after cooking for the first time. In other words, don’t leave the grill lit for an extended period of time. Barbecue Recipe

7) Mix-and-match your herbs and spices for a wide range of flavor. – Monica Dimas

8) Marinate in advance and then grill while still warm.

2) Bring meat indoors when you’re done cooking

This can help you not overdo it on the fire.

3) Let the meat rest for at least an hour after cooking

Waiting for that delicious post-grill aroma is well worth it!

4) Always start with charcoal

I’ve done it all—with gas, IRL, and in the state fair booth with sterno—but charcoal is the best way to ensure your food tastes amazing.

5) Butter your grate

This keeps your meat from sticking, giving you that perfectly-cooked meat every time.

6) Consider a top-rated meat thermometer

It’ll ensure your meat cooks evenly, without leaving you to wonder.

7) Use a meat thermometer for the first time on your ribs

Be sure to cook the meat thoroughly, and you’ll need an extra minute or two in the oven.


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