How To Whiten Your Teeth At Home: 10 Best Tips To Get A Brighter Smile

Section 1: Brush your teeth twice a day

Whiten Your Teeth At Home. Brush your teeth twice a day, at morning and night. You should brush for two minutes. Brush for two minutes per side.

Tip: Always brush a toothpaste with fluoride on it.

You should always brush your teeth for two minutes. Brush for two minutes per side. Tip: Always brush a toothpaste with fluoride on it.

Blowing your dental care. For those whose teeth are weak and are prone to cavities, are unable to brush vigorously, should avoid drinking alcohol.

For those whose teeth are weak and are prone to cavities, are unable to brush vigorously, should avoid drinking alcohol. Whiten Your Teeth At Home For those with yellow teeth, try toothpaste that contain baking soda. Some brands contain peroxide, which can whiten your teeth.

Choose the right toothpaste

If you are using regular toothpaste, you may be getting far too much fluoride into your body. This can lead to tooth enamel thinning and brittle teeth. Whiten Your Teeth At Home You may also have more cavities and decay if you are brushing with a highly fluoride-rich toothpaste.

You can replace a regular toothpaste with fluoride-free toothpaste and you can also use toothpaste that has baking soda in it, as baking soda has abrasive properties and can remove plaque and prevent its spread. You can add either baking soda or some extra brush to brush with. Baking soda can be a little bit abrasive, so be sure to brush with caution.

Do not brush in circular motion

Rushing through brushing, especially in circular motions, will only break down the enamel on your teeth.

ection 3. Rinse mouth with water after meals or drinks to remove food particles

If you are unable to brush or do not want to do it after meals, rinsing your mouth with water after eating or drinking is a very easy solution. Be sure to brush your teeth first, and then rinse your mouth with water or saliva. This will remove the food particles that have stuck onto your teeth, making it easier to brush them properly and whiten your teeth.

One more thing to be aware of is the level of water in which you rinse your mouth. While too much water can cause your teeth to be swollen and dry, too little water can dehydrate your teeth. The American Dental Association suggests taking a look at the instructions on the bottle of water you are using, as some have suggested using between one and two ounces.

Use mouth wash instead of mouthwash

You can do a mouth wash for a few weeks and then try to whiten your teeth with toothpaste and rinsing with mouth wash. If you notice that your teeth look whiter, you can go ahead and use toothpaste.

Dishwash and soap

Don’t use soap to wash your teeth as it will only scrub away the enamel and you can’t get it back.

Pick a toothpaste with a whitening power

Choose toothpaste that has a whitening power in it. Some toothpastes have a stronger whitening power than others. You can get them on Amazon, eBay, or any other e-commerce site. Read on to know what whitening power a toothpaste has and whether your teeth can benefit from it.

Know what triggers teeth to become yellow

Excesses of alcohol, coffee, and coffee with hot drinks are one of the biggest causes of yellow teeth.

ection 5. Get regular dental checkups

Do not forget to schedule regular dental checkups. Remember, your mouth is the gateway to your body. If your gums, teeth and mouth are in good health, then your whole body will be in good health. Whiten Your Teeth At Home To get the same effect, you can keep your teeth and gums healthy by following some good oral hygiene practices.

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Take note of the following dental care tips.


Flossing keeps your mouth free from dental plaque that can cause tooth decay and gingivitis. Flossing is also a very effective way to get rid of dental plaque, which can help prevent tooth decay. Whiten Your Teeth At Home Use a combination of clean floss with a little amount of dental floss coated with carbolic acid.

ection 6. Whiten teeth at home with baking soda

If you can’t stand the idea of using a minty toothpaste, then simply do some baking soda and vinegar in the meantime. Yes, you read that right. Whiten Your Teeth At Home

Baking soda and vinegar, known for its ability to whiten teeth, can help you remove yellow stains from your teeth, but, is it safe to do so at home?

Before applying the paste to your teeth, thoroughly rinse your mouth with hot water. Then, mix equal parts of baking soda and water to create a paste. Whiten Your Teeth At Home Apply the paste to your teeth, using a toothbrush, and leave it to sit for 5 minutes before rinsing.

If you are not a baking soda and water fan, then you can also use a small amount of toothpaste, and a small amount of lemon juice to whiten your teeth. Make sure you leave this mixture on for 5 minutes before rinsing your mouth with hot water.

ection 7. Whiten teeth at home with lemon juice

While it is possible to use bleach or a similar whitening agent to whiten your teeth, if you are pressed for time, this one is the best option to get rid of yellow teeth. The lemon juice will leave your teeth much whiter and the best part is, it will take only a few minutes. Here are a few more ways you can use lemon juice to whiten your teeth at home.

How to whiten teeth with lemon juice:

Before you start applying lemon juice to your teeth, you should always ensure that your toothbrush is adequately lubricated. Then, peel a lemon and soak it in water for about 5 to 10 minutes. Drain the water and rinse the lemon properly. With the help of a cotton, apply the lemon juice on your teeth and let it stay for a few minutes. Rinse your mouth and get ready for your pearly smile. Whiten Your Teeth At Home

ection 8. Whiten teeth at home with hydrogen peroxide

This does not require expensive equipment and products, just some basic ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and lemon juice. All you need to do is mix a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and a drop of lemon juice in a toothpaste and brush it on your teeth and gums. This is an excellent technique for whitening teeth because it strips off the stains. However, if you want brighter teeth, it is better to purchase a teeth whitening kit as well.

More Tips To Get A Brighter Smile

Note: Though using lemon juice on teeth whitening will help you achieve brighter teeth, you can whiten your teeth without using lemon juice and a toothpaste. Whiten Your Teeth At Home To whiten your teeth, use toothpaste mixed with baking soda. Also, don’t brush your teeth immediately after this. Leave it on for at least an hour.

ection 9. Use tooth whitening toothpaste

Wondering what to do? If your teeth are turning yellow and you feel it is because of the lack of proper oral hygiene, then you can try using tooth whitening toothpaste. There are various tooth whitening toothpaste options available in the market that promise to lighten your teeth to the extent of darkening them. Whiten Your Teeth At Home However, most of the brands claim they can lighten teeth to a darker shade. What you need to do is to see if your teeth do appear darker. If they do, then you have something that works and may give you a false satisfaction. Also, you should not believe the claims by any tooth whitening toothpaste because most of them claim that they can lighten the teeth in just 1 or 2 uses. Whiten Your Teeth At Home

ection 10. Visit the dentist

As we have already said in an earlier article about how to whiten teeth by doing things, visiting your dentist for whitening services may be a good idea. It is important to understand that whitening teeth requires an experienced whitening dentist. Whiten Your Teeth At Home Usually, for a dentist to whiten teeth, a portion of the whitening treatment must be done by him.

This portion might be done at the front of the tooth, or it may be in other places depending on your teeth, case or condition. While certain whitening systems can whiten teeth, they are not as effective as a dentist whitening the teeth. For that, a skilled dentist must be consulted.

When you visit a dentist for whitening, he will ask you about the reason for whitening your teeth. Sometimes, teeth with stains are simply not white.

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