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Why Women's Pockets Are So Small: What Can You Do About It? - বিডি নিউজ
January 27, 2023, 5:42 am
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Why Women’s Pockets Are So Small: What Can You Do About It?

  • Update Time : Saturday, November 6, 2021
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Why Women's Pockets Are So Small
Why Women's Pockets Are So Small

Section 1: What is the history of pockets?

Why Women’s Pockets Are So Small. Pockets, as we know them today, were first created by Sir William Belt, an English engineer and inventors who designed pockets that could be adjusted for different women’s dress sizes.

Over time, pockets evolved from an occasional ‘emergency’ button to a staple in every outfit, helping women quickly access and store items they want to be accessible but that may be more difficult to reach on their bodies.

Section 2: Why did pockets come about in the first place?

As The History of Women’s Pockets states, many cultures have used pouches as a way to carry valuables and leave them outside of the body when going to a special occasion. Why Women’s Pockets Are So Small In the Muslim and European cultures, you would find pouches in the lining of the clothes in the same way that dresses have inside and outside of them.

How do we decide what to put in our pockets?

I’ve seen so many ladies still wear jeans and tops with pockets that barely have room for a credit card and a few coins in the cover. Why Women’s Pockets Are So Small And here I am, still wearing shorts in this sweltering heat with a skinny jeans in the trunk of my car.

I can’t decide what I put in my pockets because of the few options offered by standard mass produced fabrics.

Designers are the ones who create the pockets we know and we can be proud of.

Not only do they add flair to our wardrobes, but also save us from having to have a serious case of the stomach aches from poor pocket placement.

Today, a lot of women get very upset if they find that the pockets are too tight on their jeans and wonder why manufacturers haven’t yet made them bigger.

Why are women’s pockets so much smaller than men’s?

Our partners don’t like to see us hanging on to the handle of their bag because they see it as an infringement on their personal space and hold it higher up.

Sadly, there are a number of things that we as women are not just guilty of but are actually the ones who are responsible for.

1. The Band Issue

If you’re a woman then chances are you will have found that women’s bands are significantly larger than men’s.

We need bigger pockets for those small smartphones, right? Well not necessarily.

Men’s pockets are designed with different pockets which are for different purposes, i.e. zips, coin holders and pens.

Women’s pockets, on the other hand, are mostly for bras and panties and are not designed to carry any one particular item.


How can we make sure we have enough space in our pockets, and why should we care?

Women and their pouches

We have a lot of small pouches to juggle, trying to fit our phones, cards, cash, keys, and sundry other gadgets we don’t want to forget.

Read on to find out some easy ways to make your pocket more comfortable.

How to avoid having to re-clasp your pockets every time you want to check your phone

1. Label your pouches

We all wear a mix of all sorts of different pouches, so you may find that you don’t always know if you have enough room for the ones you have.

To avoid wasting time and the frustration of re-clasping your pockets every time you want to check your phone, do it once and you will always know.

2. Clip the spare clothes item

When you go shopping, you can easily bring a few clothes with you to change into at a bench.

Why women’s pockets are so small

This was a result of men’s clothes of the time being designed first, and women’s clothes being made to fit.

Fast-forward to now and as a woman I am offended that women’s pockets are so small compared to men’s. Why?

According to John Lewis, a key shopping destination for menswear, over a third of men’s trousers carry pocket, while just 15% of women’s trousers do.

Why women’s pockets are so small

Why does this matter? In practical terms it means that the average female has 0.3cm (0.12 inch) less pocket space than the average male, which can add up to a third of an inch on women’s trousers and an inch on men’s.

Let’s take a look at this from a sociological perspective as well as look at the technology and design that could help with the issue.

What were pockets used for?

As we know, the first pocket was the baton used for carrying important documents and documents. Since then, pockets have evolved from devices for carrying documents to containers for keeping all sorts of things.

What are women’s pockets used for today?

Since their history is a bit murky, it can be difficult to say exactly where we are now in the evolution of women’s pockets, but they are more widely used now than they were in the past.

Today, women have their hands full carrying their smartphones, tablets, and a variety of other gadgets that make our lives even busier than they already are. Why Women’s Pockets Are So Small This is why women’s pockets have become more expansive to hold more, but this doesn’t mean that we’re becoming like men who don’t need them. We’re just adapting to our needs.

Pockets and thieves.

But, through several moves and close encounters of the material kind, the pocket was steadily attached to the bra, and then made into a “one-stop” shop to carry all the bits of our day: keys, cards, money, and — always — our phones.

This all changed in the 1960s when the pocket idea was made more ubiquitous with the “protector” pocket, allowing us to not only carry our wallets and purses but also our bills.

Now, even though we can carry our phone and wallet (and car keys and fanny pack) in our pockets, many of us don’t because we feel like we have to carry around a purse in the off chance someone steals our phone. But that’s not true — your phone isn’t worth your life!

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Obviously, the biggest problem with purses is theft.

Why pockets were once unfashionable for women.

As it turns out, for centuries men’s pockets were considered to be an extension of their bodies – designed to hold their money and keys while they walked around – so women were once required to carry their money separately.

Women’s bags had to be small enough to fit all of their items in – though this changed with time.

Pockets make it easier for us to carry our stuff.

And yes, having a decent sized pocket to carry all of our belongings when we’re out and about makes it easier to complete day to day activities.

How big should your pockets be?

According to the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry (published in 1992), the average American man’s pocket size is 30-35cm (12.7-14.9 inches).

A woman’s pocket size is on average 20-25 cm (7.9-9.8 inches).

Funny and Interesting Facts

Pockets are back in.

With the rise of Meryl Streep in 1983 film, Silkwood, fashion brands realised that women’s pockets were not being utilised to their full potential and actually created separate items to put in women’s trousers.

Even today in 2018, when you ask a younger woman if they prefer pants or a skirt, pants are a very unpopular option. Why Women’s Pockets Are So Small I have personally never even considered wearing a skirt, however I have even gone so far as to put my hands down my trousers in a bid to make sure the pockets were still there.

We have been conditioned to always carry something in our hand, whether it be our phone, keys, car keys or even in our pocket or handbag.

There is also the outfit factor, with people wanting to wear outfits that do not consist of too much material.

How jeans changed people’s perception of the pocket?

These days, women do not have pockets in their jeans. No wonder, pockets have become less accessible and are usually tucked away under the back pocket or falling off completely.

Here are just a few facts about women’s pockets you must know…

For nearly 10,000 years, pockets have been essential for carrying objects for daily usage. They are so much a part of our lives that when things changed, we didn’t pay much attention.

However, there was a period in which it was a little uncomfortable to carry anything and women started wearing accessories that helped carry their belongings. Why Women’s Pockets Are So Small For example, women in medieval times would wear small pouches that went from their belt to their waists. In that era, women’s pockets were very important.

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