Art Tips and Tricks for Beginners 2022

Art Tips Thanks to the massive success of ‘The Power of Now, a personal inspirational journey in the life of Buddhist monk Kaokkakula, ‘ art has now entered the mainstream, and within this academic week on Medium I have launched a handy guide called ‘Leaders for Nurses’.

This guide is aimed to give insight into the role of nurses and in the light of the pandemic and the falling numbers of nurses in our community, and almost immediate concern of meeting the needs of all, is how we can cut into the mortality rate and it is paramount that we all work together to create an ecosystem that saves lives.

Without further ado, I am introducing you to the whole team for you to read this article below which will serve as a reminder to the more interested reader who you may be.

As I write this content it has only been written in English I invite you to take a look into the other three teams’ profiles on Medium. Check them out and let me know which you have liked!

Join the team and leave a comment below and you can always find the comments within your node. I plan to keep the following tips, activities, and what I am doing at the moment in your newsletters as I publish.

1. Writing regularly and being engaged in different activities

This might seem a little bit odd for a writer but the writing leaves you inspired constantly and most of the time you come to write first thing in the morning. Waking up every morning is enough of a challenge but then you feed it a little and keep moving you will keep a fresh perspective.

So have a cup of tea, eat some breakfast, and do something else. Not necessarily writing but to be active. Find something you do that you enjoy and feel safe doing it. This reminds you that you are not alone and that you are in this together!

2. Being present

In the far past, the word ‘attentive’ came with a lot of negative connotations especially if you have never known someone to have a prescription for it. The word ‘attentive’ when used in a medical context refers to how a person is paying close attention to a person and what is going on around them. Art Tips This cannot apply in daily life! In the medical context, eyes are not always watching us as hard as we would like them to. No care at all and especially not the parent. I am sure I am not the only one who says that.

If you are interacting in a group of individuals that have the same kind of dynamic then it is way too easy to take each other for granted. Art Tips Let’s work together as a team and learn to be less closed off as we might already believe, closed in on our own life.

3. Giving on multiple levels

Don’t just give something, give your whole life. Giving is not necessarily monetary, it can be emotional, spiritual, free time, time to look after yourself, and time to care for those around you.

4. Doing something that is meaningful to you

When we get bored we easily forget that we are doing something that means a lot to us and that we are making our lives meaningful. Once we have done something that is meaningful, we find motivation. I believe that the art that you write about is worth looking at every day.

5. Talking over dinner at least once a week

Talking over dinner can be very important in guiding us through the challenges we have to face as well as trying to get us through the dark times that we might have to face in our daily lives.

6. Annexing articles on Medium and Getting a bunch of ideas for stories

If you know someone that is interesting in writing stories, adding articles to Medium by them will help them to prepare for the writing you are doing. Art Tips It will also be nice to see that you will do not have a limited market of people who are interested in your content.

Lastly, I would like to underline that from what I have said in the introduction, these are just some tips that are directed at those who are a little bit just curious about what I was doing. Feel free to ask me more on Medium, I will be happy to learn more on the more popular sites such as Dribbble, First Post.

There is also a pandemic and survival levels that have to come and go before there can be a normal life again. The problem is not how do you help someone right now but how do you survive until that recovery begins?

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