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7 Year Old Playing Video Games - বিডি নিউজ
January 27, 2023, 4:05 am
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7 Year Old Playing Video Games

  • Update Time : Thursday, November 4, 2021
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7 Year Old Playing Video Games 1

Video Games as an adolescent, you are always on the go. There’s a car to wait for, a pair of headphones to listen to, and other children waiting for you to arrive at a specific location. As a kid sitting on the couch in front of the computer, on one hand, you’re playing a game and on the other, you’re trying to get the attention of another child on the phone.

But that’s not always the case. Sometimes, despite the time spent playing video games, you still find yourself bored. You run through boring elements such as where you are, how to get there, and how long the game will take. Video Games You sleep through it and think that in my journey to become a gamer at a very young age, I met up with some children and we ate meals.

Without living things, we would not be here. However, being kind enough to spare others but not willing to provide for ourselves, is a sin against the living beings. The Earth, just as a single being without gravity, functions perfectly fine with enough food and water. We can do these things with one of the best food and water in existence, water. Now add nine other living beings living around us, we would all be starved. Video Games But I believe that we should prepare to become the parents of animals. Who wouldn’t want to be happy while helping other creatures to keep them alive? It is easy to become vain and forget about helping the less fortunate. However, we should remember that it is our duty. As part of the current society, some players take things for granted and end up destroying something that we shouldn’t be destroying. We need to remember to come together and be a part of the future. We need to think before we act because now, it would be hard to take another step into the future.

Growing up being a kid, it is possible to think that people are pure evil. If you witness your parents talking to each other in front of other people in an unfair way, when you see your uncle binge-watching hours of TV, if you try your best to stay up to late learning games from a store owner, or if you witness misbehavior among classmates you think that those children are malicious. But when you become one of those kids who is restless, restless at school, restless in eating, and restless at bedtime, you realize that it is necessary to play a game. A game can be an easy task in comparison to an annoying game that would eventually take up a lot of energy in a solitary player. Some games are also used to meet grades, they are taking of your time and mind.

Therefore, it is important to use your talents and skills positively so that one day, one of those efforts would be put toward something useful. To be selfish and taken advantage of may lead you to be hardworking in the future. Even though you are doing what is best for yourself, you should remember that all children should have the same opportunity to learn. In fact, as a kid, it is a great idea to learn how to be kind and fun with others. Because we are all in this together, we can help spread a good vibe in the world.

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