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IOS 15.1.1 Next, Beats, Apple Watch Pro - বিডি নিউজ
January 27, 2023, 4:38 am
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iOS 15.1.1 next, Beats, Apple Watch Pro

  • Update Time : Wednesday, November 3, 2021
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iOS 15.1.1 next Beats Apple Watch Pro

iOS 15.1.1 next Hi, everyone. Aaron here for Zollotech and this past week was filled with the release of Mac book pro as well as iOS 15.2 beta 1. We’ll talk about when to expect beta two in a moment and much more. This is your news update for the week of October 31st slash November 1st, 2021.


iOS 15.1.1 next

The first thing is today, Apple released the new home pod colors they talked about in their recent event. So there are three new colors available. We have yellow, orange, and blue, no fancy names there. And they come in at $99. So the same sort of prices the other home pods, they just come in new colors now.


So again, space gray, blue, yellow, orange, and white is now available. So those are available. Also, along with that today, Apple also released or beats released new beats fit pro. Now, these were the last generation, but the new beats Fit Pro have active noise, cancellation transparency, adaptive EQ, spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, and the Hone chip. So you can use the word Siriwith the word hay in front of it, and it will recognize that, and also is supported in the find my app.


So those are available now as well at $200. So you can pick those up if you wanted a new pair of headphones and you didn’t want the new AirPods. Now, if you’ve already installed macOS Monterey, some people are experiencing Ram issues where they’re actually having a memory leak where applications are running for a long period in the background. So I would expect an update to address this fairly soon. iOS 15.1.1 next


It seems to be a fairly common problem for some people, and maybe you could be having something like Firefox or safari take up 50 gigs of Ram, even though it’s not doing anything. So hopefully they’ll address this very soon. iOS 15.1.1 next We’ll talk about updates in just a moment. Also, people who are on macOS Montereyhave said that their USB-C hubs no longer work properly, not all of them stopped working, but some of them did.


And a lot of people who have talked to apple about this have said that the apple support people have told them that there will be an update to address this in the future to add that support back in. So if you’re using a USB-C hub, instead of just having one or two ports, you can expand that to different things and different ports as well, such as ether, net, and more. And so it looks like we should have an update again, not only addressing a memory bug but also that issue as well with USB-C hubs.


Now, apple today also released tvOS 15.1.1. This is available to the public. However, with all of the memory leaks and things that we’re experiencing with macOS Monterrey, I would expect iOS 15.10.1 very soon. However, it’s not out at the time of this video. So if we go on to my iPhone 12 pro max, you’ll see that 15.1is the current version. So we could see an update this week to bring up maybe some issues with or fix some issues with security and maybe some small bugs as well.


So hopefully we’ll see something like that. Although Apple hasn’t said that they’re going to be releasing it also, we’re waiting for iOS 15.2 beta two. And depending on what time of, of schedule they’re or what they’re going to do before the end of the year when they take a break, we should see that update probably this week as well, maybe as soon as tomorrow, or they could push it to another week and be on a two-week cycle. We don’t know what this point is.

Apple has been very random, but we do know that they take a vacation in December where we’ll have a couple of weeks where they don’ttypically release anything. So if they’re going to get iOS 15.2out to the public before the end of the year, I would expect weekly betas, maybe on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week with concurrent betas each week, and a final release in late November or early December.


However, we don’t know when they’re going to release anything until they tell the public what they’re going to release. However, some people are saying future versions of iOS will detect car crashes. This seems to make sense since you have emergency SOS built-in and the Google pixel actually does this as well. If you get into a car crash, it can detect that sort of movement and then contact an emergency service person so that we can get some help. Sowe could see that coming to iPhone. It makes a lot of sense. Of course, you could disable it. iOS 15.1.1 next


If you want to. Currently, we can do that by holding down the power sleep/wake button or holding volume down or volume up, and then getting to the main screen where we can slide over at the emergency SOS for help. It’d be great to have that car crash detection in the future. Now iPhone 13 production is still having some issues and they’re trying to catch up to meet the demand for the holiday. And according to apple, the chip shortage has been affecting them. So it looks like they’re trying to get ahead of that and get enough I-phones made. If you want an iPhone13 series phone, 13 pros 13, Promax like this one.


Hopefully, they’ll get that resolved very soon. As you can see on their website, they have shopped early for the best selection of holiday favorites. So you’ll have some discounts, although you may find better deals elsewhere, they don’t typicallydiscount these too much, but you may find a couple of small deals here. So hopefully they’ll get ahead of that demand issue very soon. So people can get the phones they’ve been waiting for. Now.


Recently, someone discovered something with the apple watch from a few years ago where they had a demo unit and they were going through some of the files from the demo unit and they actually found the name apple watch pro it looks like Apple was considering a pro at some point and stopped making it or just never made it or decided against it.

So maybe we’ll see that in the future, but there could have been an apple watch or an apple watch pro and already people are talking about apple, watch eight, quite a few people were wrong about the apple watch series seven, getting a full redesign this year. And some people are talking about apple watch series eight already.


I’m kind of hesitant to believe any of this, but there has been a rumor that they’re going to come in three sizes with the series eight, where there would be a regular version like these, and then a rugged version as well. So that’s from both mark Gurman Andross young who have been fairly reliable talking about future products, but we’ll have to wait and see, we do know that Apple is working on blood pressure, monitoring, glucose, monitoring, temperature, and sleep apnea detection. Now whether or not they can get those into these devices or future devices, of course, we’ll have to wait and see things like blood glucose would be revolutionary. iOS 15.1.1 next So I would love to see them do that for people that need that for diabetes or other issues.


And it would be great to have that detection built right into your watch, but hopefully, they can figure this out and get that out there to help more people. But right now we just know they’re working on it from general patents and things. Now, as far as future Apple products, according to DylanDKT the iMac pro is coming in 2022, I would expect that that doesn’t seem to be much of a surprise since we still have the iMac Pro or iMac coming up with a larger display. And we also are waiting for updated versions of Macpro with those new chips in it.

iOS 15.1.1 next

So DylanDKT is saying to expect theM one pro and I’m one max chipsets, similar to what we have in the new Macbook pro as well as dark bezels and have a similar design to maybe current iMac, but with those dark Basil’s and they pro display XDR somewhere in between those that makes a lot of sense. iOS 15.1.1 next And hopefully, we’ll see those early next year, although we’re not exactly sure when again, to go along with that, Apple is going to be replacing its iMac book air with new M1-designed MacBook airs.


While we already have some M1 products that came in sort of an older form factor like this 13 inch M1 apple is said to be working on Mac book airs with new colors to match the iMac, as well as having maybe a light gray or white bezel on them, similar to the iMac.

So that makes sense from a design standpoint, have the pro versions have sort of space gray or silver with dark bezels and the non-pro have the lighter bezels that would really differentiate those. So we could see that in early 20, 22, however, that’s again fromDylanDKT and John Prosser.


I would imagine that some of that is, but right now it seems like Apple is doing a great job hiding some of those future products. And the final future product I wanted to talk about is the apple AR or VR glasses. iOS 15.1.1 next We’ve been waiting for virtual reality or augmented reality glasses. And according to Ming-Chi Kuo, while we’re going to have mixed reality glasses first, that will debut in 2020 to support wifi 6e and need to be tethered to an iPhone, to sort of work in tandem, maybe with some of the chipsets in here.


And it would be required to use that headset. That would be a little bit different than what we have with Oculus or now Meta with their headsets. But it makes a lot of sense if you need maybe the neural engine or the chipsets within your iPhone or Mac. iOS 15.1.1 next So we could see that as soon as this year, it was rumored to come out at last year’s WWDC with some of the software, maybe it was pushed, maybe it wasn’t, but to expect something like that fairly soon into this next year with 2022.

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