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T20 World Cup, ENG Vs SL - বিডি নিউজ
January 23, 2023, 7:02 am
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T20 World Cup, ENG vs SL

  • Update Time : Tuesday, November 2, 2021
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T20 World Cup. On this doco of the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup, filmmaker Liam Walcott visits Cricket South Africa.

MELBOURNE, Australia, 14 June 2015 — Liam Walcott, filmmaker, filmmaker, and BBC journalist reports from the World Cup Village, adding “That’s where they all sleep and eat…Then everyone does all sorts of partying… all the fun stuff.”

See the full doco here.

The Qantas X-Frontman World Cup is set to take place in Australia and New Zealand from February 23 – March 14, 2016, and will be the crowning glory of the Global Cricket Tour Season in a tough road year for the game and the game’s corporate benefactors.

It’s the most-anticipated sporting event to be played in the last six years and follows on from the hugely successful ICC World Twenty20.

Several international brands will join the Qantas X-Frontman World Cup campaign, with a range of business opportunities to come their way as part of a €200 million sponsorship investment globally by Qantas.

To help drive their campaign, Qantas has partnered with three leading Rugby unions –

New Zealand Rugby

Calgarians Rugby

Adding to the Rugby themes for the Qantas X-Frontman World Cup, leading English international Rugby actress, Georgia Groome, will play a part in the campaign. Georgia will embody the concept “Give a part of yourself” in the campaign when she joins the game at the X-Frontman World Cup to contribute to rugby’s wider regeneration in rural parts of Australia, where she grew up.

New Zealand Rugby captain, Sam Cane, speaking about the campaign, said “It’s been a challenging year for New Zealand Rugby in terms of COVID-19, and Rugby is not immune from this disruption. I am really proud of the resilience and determination showed by rugby across the country. However, looking ahead, I can’t wait to see how rugby can take advantage of the opportunities presented by the X-Frontman World Cup and continue to provide inspiration to the wider community.”

“I’m very excited to be part of the Qantas X-Frontman World Cup campaign, and excited to be part of a positive change in rural and remote parts of New Zealand,” said Georgia Groome. T20 World Cup “I am very lucky to come from an area that’s quite rural and remote and in a rugby context a change has been needed to keep rugby going. So to be able to contribute and bring different rugby cultures together, to bring rugby out to the community, will be really exciting.”

Visit the Qantas X-Frontman World Cup campaign Facebook page at facebook.com/QantasXFrontmanWorldCup for even more information and see the official teaser here.

Interested in speaking to Qantas Qantas X-Frontman World Cup strategic partners? Please email: [email protected]

Join the Qantas campaign Facebook page

Plus we’re delighted to announce the exclusive Qantas x Rugby World Cup Shop partners! As we are proud to be behind the brand journey, this store partnership shows that we support change and help bring businesses together through creativity.

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