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IPhone 13 Mini - বিডি নিউজ
January 26, 2023, 9:55 pm
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iPhone 13 Mini

  • Update Time : Tuesday, November 2, 2021
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iPhone 13 Mini 1

iPhone 13 Mini

The actual OnePlus brand is a New York-based company created for beautiful modern designs and consumer-focused technologies. OnePlus had been established by tech pioneer Pete Lau in 2010. Since then, there has been an enormous expansion in the smartphone market, which has demanded the company to evolve continuously. In 2017, OnePlus has introduced three major products: a portable hard drive, a portable SSD, and a portable laptop. The lineup of OnePlus products has grown to 4 models in the 2019 calendar year.

What has become expected by the consumers nowadays is high-quality products with high-tech features. The company has even been awarded by the official company of OnePlus by the annual award by GSM Arena in 2019. With such a vast customer base and particular quality, the brand found itself in a favorable position in the Indian market. In the course of 2018, OnePlus expanded its product line in the country to include a flagship smartphone, a mobile phone, and a smartwatch.

It is not surprising that in 2018, OnePlus had achieved the Indian market more than any of its fellow competitors. Still, one product that has led OnePlus into real success is the OnePlus mini. It was launched in the country to a large response from the customers.

What is the OnePlus mini?

The best part about this product is its lack of peripheral components. As the name suggests, the OnePlus mini is a miniature version of the model of the OnePlus 8 series. It is powered by the same Qualcomm processor as the flagship smartphone of OnePlus – the Snapdragon 865 and is considered the world’s first 5G-powered smartphone. The smartphone has a gorgeous matte finish and a notch that has been eliminated.

Furthermore, the OnePlus 7 is built on a similar metal-ceramic design as the OnePlus 8 Pro, which means that the OnePlus version of the smartphone is one of the most beautiful smartphones in the world. Moreover, the OnePlus 7 mini is so small, it may be mistaken for a modern smartphone much smaller than it is. To add another amazing touch, OnePlus has eliminated the bottom-mounted fingerprint sensor as the design of the OnePlus 7, and opted for a front-mounted fingerprint sensor.

A combination of these features allows the OnePlus 7 mini to have a giant display, to fit perfectly in its almost non-existent hole-punch design. iPhone 13 Mini It measures just 11.5 x 7.3 inches (This 9.5-inch display resolution is the new highest record for an Android smartphone). Apart from that, the device has a screen-to-body ratio of 90%. (The screen in this device is on a 6.41” diagonal). More importantly, the OnePlus 7 mini provides an extra-long battery life with three 10W fast-charging technologies to extend the battery life for over half an hour while the screen-to-body ratio is one of the highest in its price range.

In general, the OnePlus 7 mini is in a very competitive position compared to other smartphones in the market. Nevertheless, it is positioned so that it is completely different from the smartphones with similar specifications that would have to draw a comparison to the OnePlus 7. As seen in the picture below, the smartphone offers better performance than most of the smartphones in the market, a design that stands out from the standard plastic smartphones, a 1.4GHz performance with up to 8GB of RAM, 256GB storage, 5G support, six different color options, and a good 2 GB of RAM (SD storage). Apart from that, OnePlus has offered the most powerful user experience, a two-day battery life, a 3% VOOC Flash Charge technology, and a 90% charge in about 90 minutes. As a result, OnePlus is providing its customers with a good premium experience that we expect from the company with the help of excellent products.

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