Fashion Tips to Ensure

Fashion Tips It can be easy to get caught up in everything around you and start thinking that we are being judged. We get bad reviews on social media, are seen as rude at a party, criticized for dressing up for a fancy lunch, mocked for wearing collared shirts, or put down for eating in our classroom. Or maybe you are just one of the millions of people who wear makeup. Being a product of your generation is often taken the hardest and is the most prevalent. Only another generation can critique others’ styles. Fashion Tips

Luckily, there are many more options. Instead of buying like our entire generation, find unique and stylish garments that you like, and then maybe try to go out and shop for them yourself. You might notice that dressing up for Halloween, going to the bar, or having holiday gatherings actually has you on edge more than nothing at all. Fashion Tips Everything goes away when you wear a well-fitting pair of jeans, a colorful bra, and a blouse.

The secret is when you start changing your wardrobe, you are giving off a bad vibe. It is not okay to make others feel bad for how they look when you walk into a store and buy those easy-going jeans you only buy when you are bored. Fashion Tips If you want to change how others feel about you, instead of dressing the part, you should dress how you want.

However, if you do want to change how others feel about you, you have to start the change in your lifestyle and how you dress. Because that is what causes a change in your outlook on others. By dressing in this way, you are probably more attentive than ever. If you really have two rules when it comes to dressing code: Keep a straight face all day, but that is the perfect look in the dressing room, and show up in the middle of the party on your way home in a slinky dress.

Make yourself relatable

Remember the time you had a bad hair day? There was no way you would look like that in front of the crowd. Except, in this day and age, this is not feasible. It is, however, not impossible. Just go with it and dress for yourself. Don’t think that it is okay to ignore what others are expecting from you. You are on public property, no matter how big or small. If you think you are going to pop up out of your glass closet or the photocopier and transform into the highly fashionable, platinum-haired version of Louise Ellis Ross, you are sadly mistaken.

Instead, dress yourself up. Dress up the way that you want to. If you have nothing to do on a given day, think about how best you are going to feel when you are on your phone, working, scrolling through social media, or scrolling through newsfeeds. As soon as you figure out that way, you will feel comfortable.  You can leave that fancy fur coat with the down-right stupid shoes on that you constantly just throw out, but that just acts like the new pair of shoes that you never had in the first place. You actually enjoy wearing those shoes. You don’t realize that they are so comfortable until you put them on, and then you realize that you love them.

However, if you are going to decide to dress up for Halloween, you can’t simply walk into a restaurant and make everyone think you are dressed up as Elton John. This would be such a boring costume, especially when I know all the fun you have when you go out that you wear little or no makeup at all. What you’re hoping for is to be embraced for your fun attitude rather than judging your costume.

One thing you can do is show the person that you are dressing up that you like how you are doing it. If you are going to dress up as Hot Panda and fly around in a Harry Potter hat and dog ears, then you’re hoping that you look the part. If you want to dress up like cantaloupe and then look outside of your window, the person asking questions might be really surprised at what you are wearing. If that means they do not take it too well, well, that is their problem. You can also bring your open public speaking experience into your story and even pull up your genuine cool attitude.

Please, if you are judging a group of people or you are judging yourself, ask yourself, “Who will feel like an asshole for saying this?” If your answer to that question is someone you know, you can cut your losses. “Why do you think I would look this way? This is me and it’s a pretty harmless costume.” If it’s someone you don’t know, then she or he is probably already judging yourself.

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