7 Fitness Tips That Rock

Fitness Tips

1) Prioritize cardio

It’s not just yoga or progressive raises or cardio workouts that help with weight loss, but it also isn’t just cardio. Heart rate scans have shown that more intense cardio can work even faster than harder, harder, harder workouts! If your current workouts are not high enough, especially when your activity level is high, you should add more cardio from 2nd to 4th, or 3 to 5. If your activities are so intense that you sweat enough that you faint, you need to go to a different gym and pay a higher membership fee or be able to stay out of the way during cardio, regardless of what time it’s happening or what activity you’re doing, you need to be moving!

2) Watch your sugars

Contrary to all the hoarding habits you have, one of the easiest ways to lose weight is not to stockpile everything, but to monitor your sugar levels. Simple game-by-game app tools to estimate your sugar levels can help with both your caloric intake and calorie burnout! Make sure your sugars aren’t spent from fast foods, but not proper, nutrient-dense options, like fruit, seeds, whole foods, and low-fat yogurt (or no-fat lactic cheese, if that’s something you want!).

3) Eliminate counterproductive habits

There are tons of very good habits, but there are also habits that are likely to keep you from losing weight as well as to prevent you from keeping it off. Rid yourself of this habit so you can build the habits that support positive habits, like taking breaks every 30 minutes. Fitness Tips Taking a walk alone to get your mind off of Facebook/cell phones and anything else in your life can help, but also books or keeping a journal can give you better insight into your thought process. Another option? Switch to a “no sugar limit” diet. If you want to keep cookies/coffee with your Christmas goodies, but your favorite tea/jolie-loaf/glucose yogurt won’t make you anorexic, or a low-calorie diet does not make your thighs narrower than they are, you can probably find a food that does both for you!

4) Reduce your stress

Now that you’ve made it this far, there is no reason to let all the stress slowly build up. Take it upon yourself to reduce your stress levels. This may include opening up a novel (recent memoirs on stress are excellent), socializing with friends via video chat or phone, as well as making sure to consume a lot of restorative hot yoga, which is scientifically proven to reduce stress.

5) Go for a run

There is no better feeling than running or any kind of jogging, and when we don’t get the opportunity to exercise with the rest of our unit of energy we have, some of us choose a binge eating or binge drinking approach as the only solution. Fitness Tips Perhaps that means taking a walk or a few longer stretches of leg lifts from your trainer at the gym. Whatever you do, go for a run, and be sure to take a coffee to power you up and keep you on track, even while it is cold outside.

6) Some days you can eat less

This cannot, and never will, be the opinion of the fitness guru with the know-how! Please, if you are on a diet, as many are, eating less will probably be a good thing! Cut back on your sugar, burthens fats, and fast food. Eat way less sugar, and eat more antioxidant-rich food. If your diet doesn’t allow that, start right away! If you want to keep eating the way you are, you have to get yourself at least back to the level of your pre-carbs, but if your diet is already carb-based and you are craving them, try to go lower.

7) Exercise enough!

It is hard to lose weight. While we go to the gym and watch movies, food, TV, radio, and more to stay busy all day, we still feel the pressure. People are also concerned about their weight, or what the “right” fit is. Be confident that you will lose weight if you exercise enough.

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