15 Cooking Tips That’ll Change Every Home Cook’s Life

Cooking Tips. Understanding the science behind food can give you the knowledge you need to work and play well with others. While seemingly instinctive, there are many kitchen secrets that can be brought into play to make you a better cook. We asked the experts to share 10 easy and delicious recipes with us that they feel will change the game.

Dr. Ron Siedow, Master Chefs Club

Here’s how Dr. Ron Siedow, Master Chefs Club’s Guru, eats (and cooks) his breakfast every morning—and it’s one of the best ways to kickstart your day. “When I wake up, I have two hard-boiled eggs, two slices of bacon, bacon bits, wheat germ, a small bunch of kale, along with some celery, avocado, lemons, and avocados. I also find it helpful to make our salsa (with chiles, garlic, and onions) before I go to bed.”

Michael Kempinski, Chef on “Le Bistro & Gravlox”

If you’ve ever made Mac & Cheese, you already know why Chef Michael Kempinski believes it’s a perfect starter recipe. “Mac & Cheese is one of my favorites for breakfast. A rich, dairy-based, dinner already, but for breakfast, it makes a wonderful go-to.”

Dr. Stefan Hoffmann, professor at the USC Marshall School of Medicine

You probably know that “sconce” is chopped, as it’s removed from boiled pasta. But what you might not know is that it’s not just cut off—according to Dr. Hoffmann, an eponymous ingredient called “stale scones” is used to keep the pasta from turning soggy and a mixture of saturated fats, sodium, and unneeded sugar is formed when it’s mixed with uncooked pasta.

Dr. David Fomenko, Nutrition Analyst at USAA

The easiest cooking tip we could find for a newbie could be a little daunting, but we’re willing to bet that extra slice of toastie will put you in a good mood. “A refreshing reading on how to cook faster and healthy versus fried; the importance of watching weight-loss. For anyone that has ever scrolled past the step to cook and wondered where the meal cook-safe option is, this article is a real eye-opener!”

Dr. Ron Siedow, Master Chefs Club

For Dr. Ron Siedow, one of the top secrets to healthy food is simple to practice. “Without a doubt, exercise is one of the most important sources of vitamins and minerals that help in proper heart health. Depending on a diet that includes between 5 and 10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, there is no question in my mind. Cooking Tips Vitamin A (supports healthy skin) and beta-carotene (just waiting to be found in the veggie and mushroom soups) are found in both of the soups. Additionally, the overall ideal as suggested by Dr. Mary Washington studies at Ithaca College is approximately 400 mg/day.”

Rogan’s, Mushroom Soyplit, and/or Romainchi

Whether you love veggies or eggs, it’s probably worth introducing them to your cocktail party chat. The simple fact is, if you’re being discreet about your foods and carving out large portions for yourself, this will be a quicker process. Cooking Tips Think of your beverage party as like you’re going to have a small table, but then the lights are dimmed, and the cocktail service becomes the main ingredient, too!

Gary Vaynerchuk, Wine teacher

As long as you’ve got good nutrition (and fresh chicken) and are drinking enough water, Dr. Gary Vaynerchuk recommends a simple and refreshing drink that is easy to mix. “As a lover of lamb, please reach for some rice and lamb with a tomato and rice mix. It is one of the best protein curries. For great lamb, let lamb be your best friend.”

Stephanie Kenovich, Chef, Foxon Confections

Because this is so simple, we feel that you should probably do it too—Stephanie Kenovich suggests starting with what you already have in your kitchen and putting it into the mouth of your guests. “I live in a small kitchen, so our menu-making style is less often to cook really large volumes of food at once for many meals. Cooking Tips  This enables them to eat more when they want more in the small space. To make cooking a bigger space, have dishes around you and store your utensils in small baskets. Make the place look inviting and have a decorative hanging cloth on the wall to create a happy ambiance.”

Dr. Michael Kempinski, Master Chefs Club

If you’re new to restaurant dining and you love french fries (note: we have them on our current menu), Dr. Kempinski recommends this recipe. “A Lemon

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