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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 - বিডি নিউজ
January 23, 2023, 2:50 am
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

  • Update Time : Monday, November 1, 2021
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. Basically, there are two types of smartphones with thin profiles. I can easily describe the shape of both. They’re models Ticbook 3D and Samsung Galaxy Note 18. There is also a product named Galaxy Z Flip3. They are both so thin you could cut a cake with their screens. Just think what they are each if you weren’t smartphone users before you selected a smartphone.

Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia all assemble, test, polish, and use the same components. Xiaomi seems to have the most aggressive design and engineering system. They take pride in their design, so they opt to cut in line with the best means of branding and service. It seems Xiaomi is learning just the same thing Samsung is learning. I love the product I purchase every time it leaves the assembly plant. This is Samsung’s long-time rival. Xiaomi/Samsung is a match-made-in-hell relationship. There is no end to the potential for them to develop product combinations. It’s how innovation roles. The Samsung example of the 48mm Galaxy Z Flip3 was the result of the two firms’ struggles over design quality and supply of components.

If you were to ever ask what the Galaxy Z Flip2 was like, I can assure you, you would be off by a significant margin from the Galaxy Z Flip3.

My second concern is flexibility. Compared to the back of a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3’s screen and body are more fragile. They are hard to endure. Two notable outcomes are:

Numerous screaming fits are on display.

Years of stares from taller coworkers.

You might have a call into your team as soon as the phone is in your hands. You have no idea what direction they are taking because each one of the users would react differently.

Now, in the end, it’s your question and your satisfaction. As you read about the product specifications of the phones that Samsung build, you might ask, why does it work the way it did? Why was it a bigger size than the smaller devices? The same design, front and back, coupled with a smaller screen would have brought fewer features and innovation. This story could be great if the price point wouldn’t be so high that the performance would not be challenged to be on par with the larger models. But then again, this is an apple or a mighty big apple. Regardless, the design system is worked on to create an innovative product for what price point.

Using those two aspects to add price options and review a product isn’t always how products can be executed. The best design systems can focus on ten areas and basically design a process that will ensure optimal results for the product.

It is extremely disappointing to see that Samsung’s design models can fail to be smarter than the designing processes of their partners and competitors.

Why do things fail at Samsung?

The truth of the matter is, quality is only a part of the puzzle.

Samsung’s design products often show high quality. They get impeccable reviews and reviews. People who visit Samsung’s more noteworthy mobile social media sites even usually build connections with the brand. Samsung’s social media messages are by a far top-notch. So is Samsung’s architecture.

With these quality design processes, why are the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 their performance struggles? The biggest problem that has plagued Samsung’s marketing is the value derived from them. That is highly subjective. It really depends on who you are, who you are looking at, and what market you are trying to hit. Despite these high-end products, Samsung continues to struggle with justifying the pricing and asking reasonable questions to customers. However, if Samsung is capable of pulling off these high-end smartphone models that have a thin display like the Samsung Galaxy Note 18.5-inch bezels, then why are their promotions and marketing teams poor results in a marketing strategy that looks “woke and progressive?”

Samsung uses the “Innovation Innovation” marketing system. With Samsung’s branding approach, this is a powerful mix that can pull off high success. But with their design efforts, they are not very innovative. If they are successful in their marketing strategy, then why are their designs terrible and they aren’t as successful? That’s a tough question to ask Samsung.

Another obvious issue is that Samsung has always struggled with meeting its production needs. The biggest product is the Samsung Galaxy Note 18.5. Because of these problems, Samsung sells this product at a staggeringly high price. However, it is disappointing to see that they continue to struggle with their branding, so that helps them shift product decisions.

I have one more problem with Samsung. Their marketing and promotion team is simply, pathetic. Some retail outlets don’t have every model Samsung sold.

If Samsung can succeed in its marketing

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