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Videogames Or Homework? - বিডি নিউজ
January 27, 2023, 4:42 am
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Videogames or homework?

  • Update Time : Sunday, October 31, 2021
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Videogames or homework

Videogames or homework

Exercise 20 Ever since the condition, do you think a game is too much for a student to devote their time on? The eyes of the children are not attached to light play so much as a fact that a game was completed. When games are complete, I think they give a kid an immediate decrease to the same adults do. A child needs to be in school. There is no good time for a game apart from when the time comes.

According to National Children’s Study, the main reason kids either out of school, are addicted to video games. Sometimes a family member or an older child manages to get this habit on them, and the chance for that to happen is 90%. Research suggests that a child’s behavioral patterns through the games are similar to psychopathology. So when they appear in school the next day as regular as a functioning adult, it is difficult to define the appropriate time for the game. This may happen over time. But the lifetime issue needs to be dealt with, if those children is not this way. Over 70 percent of the children surveyed said gaming is interfering with their lives. 20/80% say gaming has enhanced their academic capabilities. 24/80% are bothered by the distracting games. 25% state that playing video games distracts them from focusing on their homework and 25% want their parent to force them to be at school and stop the game before they do schoolwork.

Also, there are instances where parents and children will argue about which way to go when a kid should be at school or not. So, what should a parent/student do? Or, what about a 10-year-old? The child might think that the parents keep the student at home instead of going to school, and maybe the child will think you do not want to be there. However, video games can be an indicator that a child may be defiant. Being at home is an option because the parent has a job to be there. That option should not be your choice. In addition, the technology supports an inside game to a child. The technology projects video games onto the computer screen. It would be a better time to talk to your kids about what are the consequences of a video game before playing it. Also, do some homework for the child to ensure if that video game is something that he can do online.

If there are so many consequences of playing video games, why are there so many arcades? I feel like the arcade was designed to be recreational. I think both parents and children are addicted to video games. Both parents and children need to understand the long-term consequences. Have we completely forgotten that playing video games could interfere with the intellectual abilities of a child?

25% of kids simply want to just fit in without feeling the need to fit in. But if we respect the needs of our kids, then what should they do? In order to protect our children from spending so much time on video games, we need to allow them to take part in school. We need to have a game-free life. This might be harder, but we need to create an environment where a game is not a distraction but a mere distraction and a good stress reliever. This will ensure that we are not dealing with a problematic case that can affect our children.

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