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Love Is Greater Than Palaces - বিডি নিউজ
January 24, 2023, 5:41 am
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Love is greater than palaces

  • Update Time : Saturday, October 30, 2021
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Love is greater than palaces

Love is greater

‘The idea is like a prince’, ‘You are the princess of which state?’ – we often hear it said sarcastically. from which only the message ‘happiness and happiness’ comes. But if you know these stories, When we hear the words prince, princess, something comes to our eyes, it will not take long to break that mistake. Countless princes and princesses have left kingdoms, palaces, titles, and inheritances for love. To them, love is greater than palaces. And there is nothing greater than love. Because they are happiest after that love.
Recently, Princess Mako of Japan gave the same message again. The princess said that the ‘prince’ of her dreams was a common man. Leaving the royal status, the love man of college life married Komuro. Mako has also avoided the formalities that are followed in the case of royal weddings in Japan. According to the tradition, after losing the royal title of Mako, he was supposed to get 13 lakh US dollars (about 113 crores 36 lakh taka). But he refused to take this family’s money. As a result, he became the first and only member of the Japanese royal family to sever all royalties, including abdication.


The most popular prince to leave the royal family and lead a normal life is Harry. They left the royal family in January 2020. Harry is Megan’s second husband. She was previously married in 2011 to US actor and producer Trevor Angelson. He is now in California with his wife Megan Merkel and two children. After seven years of love, their house lasted only three years. The two became separated. Three years later, he took over Prince Harry’s mind. They got married on May 19, 2016.
However, this incident is not new for the British royal family. She was also married to divorced Wallis Simpson. That too not once, but twice. Divorced people at that time did not have the right to go to court, and marrying a prince and entering the British royal family was like dwarfing the moon! This incident caused a great stir among the royal family. The ‘accident’ that caused the eighth Edward before. Edward VIII married Wallis Simpson only after he found a place in the story of immortal love.

Edward was handsome. Wallis, on the other hand, was not very beautiful, but she had a radiant appearance, an attractive physique, and she was fashion-conscious. She deserved to be the best woman in the world for her golden hair, blue eyes, and personality. Edward was introduced to Wallis at a party on January 10, 1931, by Lady Furness, Edward VIII’s then-lover. . He then moved to France, to his beloved. On June 3, 1936, she married Edward Wally Simpson and settled in Paris. He forgot it all was over! Edward VIII was crowned the shortest-serving king in the history of the British monarchy, leaving the throne in just 327 days Were they happy? To survive, Wallis said only once, no one knows how difficult it is to live like an immortal love story!
It would not be an exaggeration to call Bhumibol Adulyadej the most respected person in the history of Thailand.  He was king for 60 years. His daughter Ubalratna. The devotion of the people to this king was immense. He is said to be the longest-reigning king in the world. While studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States, he worked with Peter Lad Jensen. In 1972, she gave up the title of princess and married this ordinary man. he returned to Thailand. However, After the breakup in 1997, the surname was not returned.
Princess Martha Lewis, daughter of King Harald V of Norway and Queen Sanjar. After marrying Danish writer Ari Behan in 2002, she lost the title of Princess. However, after the separation in 2016, it got back again. Ari committed suicide in 2019.
And in an Instagram post in 2019, Martha said that she will no longer use the title of princess. Because she is a successful woman entrepreneur. He does not want to do business by breaking the surname. However, the real reason was known later. Martha Lewis is now three years younger than herself, marrying another writer Shaman Derek Everett. Standing at the age of 50, he said in a long interview with Vanity Fair magazine that they will get married soon. So you will lose the title of ‘Princess’ again. Before committing suicide, Martha’s first husband, Ar, said that she was really happy that Martha found love again! Who knows what happiness means …

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